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Spiritual Companioning - also known as spiritual direction, explores a deeper relationship with our spirituality of being human. Simply put, spiritual companionship is helping people tell their sacred stories every day. Let me walk with you in the age-old spiritual practice of discernment to navigate your spiritual journey...together.


I believe God is intrinsically involved in every area of our lives. I will listen to your life with you to discern how God is inviting you to respond to His leading. I will facilitate a Christ-centered and safe environment for discussion, some silence, and reflection for anyone seeking a more integrated spirituality of life. 


Engaging in spiritual conversations is often necessary to help navigate the nonlinear path of spiritual transformation. I will meet with you for a one-hour session on a monthly basis or a one-time session during a contemplative retreat. Spiritual Companioning is a healing modality, healing the deep recesses of the soul through listening-based spiritual care.


Your initial consultation session is FREE, allowing you to decide our compatibility.


I have experience with many facets of the spiritual journey of life to include vocational calling, leadership in business, education, and nonprofits, entrepreneurship, marriage, blended families, intimate partner abuse, leadership abuse, addiction & recovery issues, divorce, remarriage, loss & grief, grandparenting, suicide survival, and doubt within the context of our own spirituality within the local church. 

Let's talk! Contact me, I will be happy to answer any question you may have or to schedule your free initial session. 


What is the cost for Spiritual Companioning?

 * Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering a FREE session of spiritual direction until further notice. The session can be conducted virtually by Facetime, Zoom or phone. A zoom link will be sent to you upon scheduling.

$79 per 60-minute session

~ Initial consultation session is FREE

~ 5th session is FREE for evaluation and compatibility assessment

~ sliding scale offered to those meeting criteria

What Spiritual Companioning is not?

Often Spiritual Companioning can be confused with other Christian formation ministries. Spiritual Companioning is similar to biblical and pastoral counseling in that it is biblically grounded and involves one Christian helping another to walk the Christian spiritual journey. Christian psychological counseling is often intended to help address and solve personal and interpersonal issues.

Spiritual Companioning differs from all three primarily in its focus: the intention in Spiritual Companioning is not to help solve a problem, but rather to look for God’s activity and presence within all life experiences, positive and negative, life-giving and debilitating. This perspective invites you into a deeper relationship with the lover of our souls in the midst of our everyday ordinary life.

What are the benefits of Spiritual Companioning?

The companionee will often gain a growing sense of peace and joy within a more integrated spirituality of life. Healing often occurs through the presence of compassionate and redemptive listening. In addition, the companionee will often find the grace to traverse through seasons of discernment requiring important decision making that will affect one’s trajectory of life vocation, world view and living out one's faith in our post-modern culture.

Yet, the most significant benefit will be a deepening relationship with our Triune God…God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Who is Spiritual Companioning for?

Anyone desiring to engage in spiritual conversations about matters of the heart & soul with an experienced and trained compassionate listener. Spiritual Companioning is for everyone!

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For in Him we live and move and have our being. 

~ Acts 17:28a

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