About Me

Angela Marie Gage

Certified Spiritual Director & Retreat Director
Certified iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Practitioner
Certified REALIFE Process Charter Facilitator

I am passionate about fostering a spirituality of disarming hospitality...where all are welcomed as they are, not as others would have them to be. I invite you to join me in living into a spirituality of life that fosters meaningful and sustainable connections with Christ Jesus for the sake of others.

My hope to help others yearning to fit into their own skin and remember what is essential about being themselves began after experiencing a dark night of the soul season as I entered my second half of life and the unexpected death of my late husband by suicide. 

I longed to remember the Loving One's purpose in creating me and to align my everyday life with his story, yet this required the spiritual disciplines of being still, listening, and obeing.

As a licensed and ordained Christian minister, I have been inviting others for over 15 years to be still and listen, waiting for the discernment and clarity needed to move forward. 

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