Stumbling and Falling...Together

Only when stability is lost, when given answers no longer support, can one reach for a different kind of stability. Stumbling and falling are the means by which standing is achieved.

~ Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

It becomes more clear each day that my way of thinking, strategizing, planning, and purposing is not working as well as it once did. What I once trusted was the right way of thinking, being, and doing, I am now discovering may not be what is necessary to thrive. Could this be because I am now in the second half of my life and or post-menopausal? Yes...and no.

I hope I see things differently than I did in my childbearing, child-rearing corporate seeking life. I hope I am more seasoned by life...softer around the edges. Yet, it may also be that I am awakening to the fact that what appears to have worked in my life is no longer working for not only myself but also for many other truth seekers.

The grid I interpreted life through was very clear, precise, firm and not pliable, muddy and with very little room for discussion. It was cut and dry...that's that. Because someone said so. No more questions, please!

I can't tell you how many times in my life I have been belittled, shamed and laughed at for asking questions. How am I to grow if I can't ask questions? I am grateful for the fact that there is one person who never shrugged off my questions nor told me time had run out. That person is my brother and Master, Jesus. He modeled well how to make room for those inquiring into areas of life that were muddled and confusing, and usually, this occurred on a long walk or reclining at the dinner table.

We often see Jesus answering individuals motivated by sincere faith in a loving God that He referred to as, "their" Father. He addressed questions in a gentle and affirming manner as He was often in a relationship with those inquiring. The apostle Paul called these relationships, the Church. Everyone who looks to the Father by trusting the Son is a part of His body, the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12:27

I don't know about you but I imagine I will stumble and fall all the way home into the loving arms of my Father. I would rather journey the stumbling and falling in the company of others, you and me...together. I know there will be a seat set for me upon my arrival...and a seat for you too.

Picture: from ~ blogpost: Certitude: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

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