Social Distancing

Social distancing with family and community in the context of a global pandemic. How strange it has been these days to stop everything, reposition, and recalibrate our lives to a new normal way of being. We are encouraged to address the essentials of life, only.

We can all agree that this is can be very strange, odd, uncomfortable, lonely, frustrating, irritating and at the same time restful, quiet, calming, and freeing. What an amazing global paradox of being right now.

I find myself contemplating what could be happening around us and in us all that we cannot actually see and understand at this moment. Yet, we will have the opportunity one day to look back and pinpoint what we gleened and what caused us to keep going instead of giving up or giving in.

But, today we do not have the answers to our children's questions or the feelings of assurance that all will be well. So what do we have? I believe it starts with finding alternative questions to the common, "Why is this happening now?", "Whose fault is this?", "When can we unquarantine?"

We have the option of asking more beneficial questions for such a time as this and we can begin by reflecting on what we do know and what we do have in these given moments of a global pandemic, and then ask from that perspective.

What do we know for certain? Though actually very little, we do know that what we are experiencing will pass.

The world is not ending.

The sun will rise and set every day as it always has from day one.

Spring has and is arriving all over the world.

Ther robins did return to central Missouri and are singing their beautiful melodies as they do every spring.

The peeps and bullfrogs have begun their spring chorus as they do every spring.

I am loved, and this love will not run out or become scarce. Why, because it cannot be found on our grocery shelves or online. This love comes from within you and I. We were made in the image and likeness of our Creator. Our Creator is love, love is God. God is love.

I have been given the opportunity to love each day as a being of love.

Today I will ask a new question. What might God be asking of me to know about His love today? How might I be more loving today? For me, I have a wonderful device that helps me connect with others and still keep me safe and responsibly sheltering in place, my phone. I also have a computer to write with, to write what I know to be true and to speak the truth in love.

*If you desire to connect with a trained spiritual director contact me on our website: or Facebook Page, Angela Marie Gage to schedule a spiritual conversation also know as spiritual direction at no cost to you. We are waiving the $79 fee until further notice.

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