Reconciliation Requires Mercy

Mary Magdalene, like all of us, was a sinner. While we don’t know the exact nature of her sin, we do know that when Jesus met her, he relieved her of what tormented her body, mind, and spirit (Mark 16:9). Mary found Jesus while she was in a place of deep darkness and affliction. She encountered the Light of the World and her darkness could not withstand His light.

The transformation Mary experienced changed everything. She not only followed Jesus but she also became the first witness to the Resurrection. How did such a monumental shift happen?

Could it have been God’s infinite mercy? When Jesus saw Mary’s repentance and sincere love for Him, He not only healed her but he also forgave her sins. We can assume He called her to a new life like the others who encountered Him along their way. Mary humbled herself, accepted this great mercy, and embraced the call. Like Mary, are we not called to begin anew when we receive God’s mercy?

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