Jump In

Sometimes life change requires me to jump in...even when the water is cold.

Often I spend too much time researching my next big thing, project or idea. Yes, researching is good...but let's not overrate it. Just because I can find multiple articles in just about everything online doesn't mean I need to read each one. Time is valuable and as they say, time is money. We all have the same amount of time on a given day. Waking up to what time it is requires discipline and guts.

Discipline is necessary to focus on the feasibility of my plan, project, or idea. I have found that looking at my dream every day, or at least more days than not is what is helpful in bringing my next big idea to fruition. I have multiple journals, notebooks, and lists at my fingertips. Registering for webinars and reaching out to others in the field are helpful too. But, after all my homework is done I must be willing to look up from my laptop and...jump.

Yes, often I just need to gently or forcefully (whatever it takes) lift my body up off the ground and JUMP. Though the ground that has kept me secure, safe and comfortable as I researched my little heart out, I must make the leap or it is all just a pipe dream. I don't want my grandchildren remembering me as a grandma with her head in the clouds. I often need to actually jump into my next step.

I did just that last week. I JUMPED...all year actually. I attended a writers conference to learn to write more professionally, Hope*Writers Conference. I created my website, Be Still and Listen and facebook page. I wrote and facilitated my first contemplative retreat since 2015, Grief_integrating our personal and collective losses in community. Oh, and not to forget that I remarried this year, to a farmer at heart. We will move into a 120 year old farmhouse before the year is out. One thing I have learned in this second half of life (over 50) is that time is on my side. I have all the time I need...but I will run out of time if I don't JUMP when it is time to JUMP.

So, to all of you who are firmly planted with your dry feet on the safe and secure ground, JUMP IN! The water may be cold but it sure beats standing on the shoreline watching and wishing your life would change in some God-ordained way. Remember...our loving Father will always provide a lifeline of hope. But you won't experience it without taking a leap of faith.

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