Grief Turned into Anxiety

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Often I am aware that something deep in my soul desires to be noticed, acknowledged and released. Yet, when it is connected to a loss of some sort I usually struggle, feel perplexed and confused...then more often than not I begin to experience anxiety. If my anxiety is left unattended things turn to panic. Soon...I am found undone and exhausted.

Often I need help with soul care. I need a safe and often sacred space to peer into the deep recesses of my heart and soul. This requires vulnerability and courage, and others willing to respect my grief. If you find yourself weary and exhausted from the anxiety and panic from life losses register now for the:

Be Stil & Listen Retreats_Grief ~ Integrating our personal and collective losses in community.

Often the grief we are willing to embrace will result in more peace and joy to celebrate the beauty of life...real life.

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Be Still and Listen