Slumber of Unbelief

Are you found peering out from under the covers these days? Or can we find you staying under the covers most days because you have nowhere to go?

My heart goes out to all of you that have been relieved of your livelihood and opportunities to feed and care for your families, in addition to those who have lost loved ones this year. I acknowledge and feel your pain.

Yes, I get it. Most of my days at this year-end season we call Advent have found me hunkered in. Better said, I don't feel the comfort and light-heartedness of the season as I have in years past. My soul has become weary and cold at times searching for warmth and rest from the incessant fatigue of overexposure to doom and gloom.

I have come to understand this fatigue to represent a collective spiritual exhaustion of hopelessness and despair due to the unrelenting pandemic death numbers, disappointments, and cancellations for the last 10 months. Every little disappointment cuts to the core where I'm found needing to regroup and recover just to go on. How resilient is the human heart? I believe it is stronger than we think.

I want to encourage you to do what has helped me these pandemic days of 2020, go to the Father and ask Him what He thinks about all this mess. Could Jesus possibly care about me in the midst of such devastation and loss? Just maybe we will find solace, hope, or clarity to make sense of it all. Stay with me for another moment, and I believe you will not be disappointed. I trust you will leave feeling better than you came.

The Apostle Paul more than any other New Testament author encouraged the early church members thousands of years ago with the reminder that God always keeps His promises. Simply said, God keeps His word.

We live in a time of unparalleled confusion, divisiveness, and utter chaos. Which way is up, which way is down? It has taken more than a toll on our families, communities, and country; it has compromised our spirituality, our ability to trust. Who can we trust anyway?

Remember over 4 millennia ago when the prophet Isaiah spoke of a sign from God that would awake the nation of Israel from their slumber of unbelief? He spoke of a sign, a wonder, that was impossible by nature and never seen nor heard of before.

All right then, the Lord himself will choose the sign—a child shall be born to a virgin! And she shall call him Immanuel (meaning, “God is with us”). ~ Isaiah 7:14

God did keet his word. The virgin did conceive a child by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and the babe and his mother called him the name, Immanuel, meaning that God was with us. The child's mother was Mary of Nazareth, and his family name was Jesus. If God kept his word those nearly 2,000 years ago, though it took nearly 700 years to be fulfilled, we can have hope now. Our creator and maker can be found trustworthy today as He was yesterday, and will be tomorrow.

The God of all the earth told us through the mouth of His Son, God the Son, the second person of the Trinity, that He would someday return. He told His disciples that He would come back for them and bring them to where He was, with the Father. The two angles that were present at our Lord's ascension from the earth found in Acts 1:11, reminded those standing there with gaping mouths in awe that Jesus would return someday in the same manner as they saw him depart.

The church is still awaiting the fulfillment of this promise. We are still longing and expecting God to keep His word of Jesus second coming once again. He didn't fall through yesterday, so why would He fail us now?

So the question is, are you expecting God to be faithful to His word once again? Let's be honest. Our loving Father has never let us down, never. Yes, we may feel abandoned in this hour of uncertainty and grave disconnection, but we have not been left as orphans without a Father, mother, brothers, and sisters. No...we do belong to a family, the family of God. We are destined to flourish in His kingdom today, not waiting for post-pandemic, right now today. So, friend, it is time to look up and look out, for our redemption draws nearer than we know.

So now we must cling tightly to the hope that lives within us, knowing that God always keeps his promises! ~ Hebrews 10:23 (TPT)

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