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I'm Angela, listening from the heart...

As a certified Spiritual Director, I am honored to walk with others on their spiritual journey. I am intentional about listening from the heart...listening for the movements and stirring of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual discipline of silence and solitude has made room for stillness, reflection, prayer, and replenishment fostering more clarity and discernment in my life. 

I believe that God is intrinsically involved in every area of our lives and desires His own to recognize His presence, respond to His invitations, and more fully experience His grace, peace, and love. I have been facilitating Spiritual Conversations and hosting Contemplative Retreats since 2007.

My background is Christian Ministry began in the late 1980s with my husband and 4 children. I graduated from Charis Bible College with a License to Christian Ministry in Colorado Springs, CO in 1998 and received Ordination the following year of 1999.

By the time I reached age 50, my soul seemed quite displaced. I lost sight of what seemed right, real and worldview and life perspective were changing. I felt LOST. Combine feelings of bewilderment with menopause and life takes on a whole new meaning. Everything in my life was changing and I needed a more grounded and centered spirituality.

Attending a silent retreat to quiet my soul and ponder my changing vocational stirrings, I was introduced to my first Spiritual Director. I had found my heart's desire, Spiritual Companioning, also known as Spiritual Direction. This listening-based care trained the listening one or Spiritual Companion to empty themselves to make room for another. This is often demonstrated through reflective questions and respectful discussions...a sacred space for redemptive listening.

My post-graduate studies with the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas offered me a certificate in Spiritual Direction in 2016. The three-year Souljourners Program blended a Christ-centered spirituality of inclusivity and hospitality...welcoming all, those trusting and those doubting the Kingdom of God. I am a member of Spiritual Director's International  (SDI) and Spiritual Directors of Central Missouri (SDCMO).

I have experience with intimate partner abuse, spiritual leadership abuse, addiction & recovery, women's advocacy, divorce, remarriage, blended families, parenting, loss & grief, vocational calling, grandparenting, and suicide survival.

I am passionate about fostering a spirituality of disarming hospitality...where all are included, welcomed and loved.

My Story