Find discernment



Clarify your purpose

Fulfill your God given destiny

Do you fit into your own skin, or are you busy trying to wiggle into someone else's? 


Self-forgetting is amnesia of the soul. If our interior space is found anemic we will find it very difficult remembering our true self.

Redemptive listening is another way of knowing and remembering while being heard in the context of our own story.

I create safe and confidential spaces to foster a sacred remembering deep within to foster discernment, healing, and transformation.

"With God's help, I shall become myself."

Soren Kierkegaard

Angela Marie Gage

Certified Spiritual Director & Contemplative Retreats

Certified iEnneagram MOS Facilitator

Certifed ReaLife Process Charter Facilitator 


Spiritual Direction

Witnessing and companioning another through their own story.


The Enneagram comforts and discomforts as it names how we default and defend ourselves from the truth about ourselves.


Intentionally stepping back from daily rhythms to make room for rest, reflection, and replenishment to live a more sustainable life.

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Be Still & Listen